Bam! Zap! Bang! Pow! Cape Friday Kitara

In photography by webmeister Bud

A bonus (Cape) Friday photo.

20130510 - Bam! Zap! Bang! Pow! Cape Friday KitaraCanon EOS 550D (T2i) · Tamron 60mm f/2.0 macro
60 mm · 1/500 s · f/5 · ISO 200

“What’s Cape Friday?” queried a co-worker last week.

“Wear a cape, just because it’s Friday,” I replied, my cape billowing as I speed-walked down the hall past him.

His awkward laughter was enough to boost my confidence that my other co-worker, Pol, had come up with a masterstroke of silly genius.

Out of nowhere, he proclaimed every Friday in April as Cape Friday, and began to come to work wearing a different cape each week (the first being one of two I actually keep in my office).

Over each Cape Friday in April, the trend spread further, to co-workers and listeners, just far enough for it to be a “thing.”

When April ended, Pol declared Cape Friday over until next Cape-ril.

I, however, could not let it go. I continue to be caped on Fridays and, when Nome found Simply The Most Amazing Shirt-With-Detachable-Cape On The Planet Ever for Kit Kat, I knew what I had to do.

Ladies and gentlemen, Cape Friday Kitara.