CaroGuitar ’98

In photography by webmeister Bud

The Legislature behind Carolyn Neapole’s guitar in 1998.

20090915 - CaroGuitar '98-01

Carolyn Neapole. Dear old (not “old” as in “old,” just “old” as in “we’ve known each other going on eleven years”) friend, amazing singer/songwriter/performer/producer and happydesigns‘ first real live design client!

And, above, a scanned photo of her guitar at the Legislature.

This shot was used on the cover of The Q!’s 1998 Collector’s Edition CD. When I heard the CD was coming down the pike, my mind immediately snapped to this cool guitar Carolyn owned, and I knew I wanted it for the front cover.

Separately, happydesigns put together the artwork for Carolyn’s first CD, the letting go, designed her website (yes, a fresh coat of pixels is on the way) and registered a good-luck-getting-something-this-awesome-these-days domain name for her,

Why all the nostalgia? Why, because this Thursday, Carolyn releases her new eponymous CD (also happydesigned =) and, shouldja be in the neighbourhood of the Cottage Bistro, 4468 Main Street in Vancouver, this Thursday night ’roundabout 9:00 pm, go experience it live!

Tell her some website with an eleven-year-old photo of her guitar sent you.

20090915 - CaroGuitar '98-02

In my heart, this shot was always a close runner-up for the cover artwork, but it is, admittedly, a smidge on the abstract side if you don’t know immediately see it’s a guitar. And live in Victoria. And thus know what those buildings are.