In photography by webmeister Bud

This was the very very best news I’d heard all week . . .

20050705 - found

. . . and thinking about that lucky family whose fuzzy little kitty found its way back home reminded me of how lucky I am to have:

– my health and sanity (well, mostly) =)
– the bestest wife in the whole wide world
– not one, but two fuzzy little kitties whom we serve as food and love providers
– the coolest and most perfectly suited-to-me job in the most fun industry out there
– the most amazing co-workers who make up one of two distinct, and wonderful, circles of friends who seem to think I don’t suck or smell bad
– three wonderfully freeing (and relatively inexpensive) hobbies: music, photography, and geeking out

Yeah, yeah, get out the baking soda to clean off the sap. =)

But hey, first of all, life’s too dang short to dwell on the negative stuff. And secondly, it’s my gallery, and I’ll sap if I want to.