It’s a Minifig Fire Log Christmas!

In photography by webmeister Bud

Merry Christmas, my lovely gallery reader. Don’t melt in the fire or anything.

20131224 - It's a Minifig Fire Log ChristmasCanon EOS 70D · Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM
28 mm · 1/180 s · f/5.6 · ISO 800
Strobist: Canon 430EX II, 1/32 power, 2′ behind and above camera, ceiling bounced, remote triggered

It’s crazy to think that, for the second year in a row, a contest put on by my cable company would inspire a card-worthy Christmas photo.

Mind, my office is covered in bubble wrap, I collect objects adorned with happy faces, and I regularly carry objects (e.g., my lunch) on my head as I wander the halls. So . . . perhaps it’s not that crazy.

Last year’s Christmas photo was inspired by a contest Shaw was holding to involve the Shaw Fire Log. Challenge accepted.

There was a prize involved, but that was secondary to the concept which popped into Naomi’s head the moment I mentioned the premise: “We should be roasting marshmallows in front of the TV!”

This year, Shaw is holding another contest and, frankly, I’d love to win the prize up for grabs: to celebrate the new mobile-friendly Shaw Fire Log, they’re giving away an ugly Christmas sweater of a fireplace, WITH A SLOT FOR YOUR SMARTPHONE TO PLAY AN ANIMATED FIRE. Amazing, no?

So, with an eye to mobile fire, I combined two favourite small things: my phone and my minifigs. Wish me ugly luck, and the Merriest of Christmases to you and youses from us and us-es!