Kitara – year five

In photography by webmeister Bud

This little girl is six, and her fifth year in this world went faster (and crazier) than ever.

20150602 - Kitara - year five
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With her ever-expanding imagination and vocabulary, I present here another year of highlight quotes from Kitara during the past year . . .

Quoth Kitara: (running around on her trampoline) Paradise undersuit! I have a paradise undersuit! To the jelly bay! The jelly bay? The launch bay! What’s all the calattis about?

Quoth Kitara: Did you know that 6 baby shrews plus 3 adults equals nine?
Mama: That’s right. Did you figure that out by yourself?
Kitara: Yes! I made math!

Quoth Mama: (flying a pretend airplane) Okay, we’ve reached cruising altitude.
Kitara: This is my stop! (jumps out of plane)

Quoth Kitara: (wearing some safety streamers around her head like a headband) Don’t I look like a teenage ninja turtle now, Papa?

Quoth Kitara: Where’s my jacket, Mama?
Nome: It’s beside you, love. Are you warm?
Kitara: No.
Nome: Are you cold?
Kitara: No.
Nome: Are you cute?
Kitara: Yes. I’m always cute!

Quoth Kitara: Mama, when I grow up, does food make babies inside of me instead of poop?

Quoth Kitara: When the baby kitten sees black, she is happy, because she thinks of warm and love. And blackness.

Quoth Kitara: I’ve always wanted a white pretend horse. So I ordered one.

Quoth Kitara: Papa, the music’s a little cowboy-ish.

Quoth Kitara: Now THIS is some music I can get along with!

Quoth Kitara: I have a joke! What’s a penguin’s favourite TV show?
Bud: What?
Kitara: Ontario!!

Quoth Kitara: (yelling from her bedroom) Paaapaaaaaa! Mama taught me how to SPIT!

Quoth Kitara: (while on the toilet, and said out of nowhere) BUTT NOOGIE!

Quoth Kitara: (from her room) Maaamaaa! Would you come here, please? I’ve been waiting *so* hard . . .

Quoth Kitara: (running around and playing her cardboard guitar to Grouplove’s “Way to Go”) I’m rocking this out total PANIC!

Quoth Kitara: Hey guys! The coziest place for your fingers, if they’re cold, is in your mouth!

Quoth Kitara: (holding a box of Life cereal over her head with both hands) La-la-la-LIIIIIIFE! . . . Papa, it’s just like when Link opens a treasure chest . . .

Quoth Kitara: Papa, I’m just going to wear Mama’s robe ’cause it smells like her and I just love Mama SO MUCH!

Quoth Kitara: . . . but you know what my favourite part of school is? The soccer field! ’cause that’s where all my boys are. My boyfriends.

Quoth Kitara: (as the Smashing Pumpkins’ Tonight Tonight starts on The Zone) *gasp!* I know this song! (whispering) This is the song of Link and Zelda in the tower of love . . .

Quoth Kitara: (crying out in her sleep) Mama! I’m tired! I’m tired, Mama!

Quoth Bud: Kitara, please tell me, using interpretive dance, what you’d like to drink with dinner.
Kitara: *dances*
Bud: Milk it is, then!
Kitara: Yes, please.

Quoth Kitara: Mama, give me your butt for a sec… *slaps Nome’s butt*

Quoth Kitara: Do you know who likes bananas? Juanito.
Bud: Who?
Kitara: Juanito. Is that that ninja turtle’s name?
Bud: Leonardo.
Kitara: Leonardo. That’s it. He really likes bananas.

Quoth Kitara: Each time a firework blows, candy falls from the sky!

Quoth Kitara: I can put my finger in my mouth and drink at the same time!
Bud: *laughing* Why would you even need to do that ever?
Kitara: It tickles my finger as I drink!

Quoth Kitara: *gasp!* It’s a Vegimal! It’s a stocking full of Vegimals! ALL THE VEGIMALS!

Quoth Kitara: (pinching a piece of bacon from the counter) I’ve touched it . . . it’s in my fingers . . . it’s got my germs on it . . . *steals it*

Quoth Kitara: We’re saving pandas. With money. We have to hire money to save pandas.

Quoth Kitara: Whatever you do in the dark, Papa, you fail!

Quoth Bud: (a la Homer Simpson) ? I am so smart! ?
Kitara: (in the same meter and key) ? No, you are not! ?

Quoth Kitara: (walking with purpose w/ pen and paper) I’m Jenny and I’m doing my research. You’re Pol, and you work in the same place as me.

Quoth Kitara: The Suuuuuuper Plumber!!! 9904001!

Quoth Kitara: Papa? Did you know that monkeys dissolved into humans?

Quoth Kitara: Mama, have you seen my underwear? It fell off automatically. Then, it automatically wandered off . . .

Quoth Kitara: I wanted pink tights! Not these stupid boy tights! You can’t control me!

Quoth Kitara: Mama, you’re cute and you make everything cute.
Nome: Y’know the CUTEST thing I ever made? *points at Kitara*
Kitara: Mama’s so creative. She made me. You can write that down, too . . .

Quoth Kitara: ‘scuse me. That was a horrendous racket of tooting!

Quoth Kitara: (as Nome is reading Harry Potter) I know who it is.
Bud: Who?
Kitara: Howard.
Nome: Hagrid.
Kitara: Hagrid.

Quoth Kitara: I love you ’til the best day of my life!

Happy sixth, my big little girl. Mama and papa love you ’til the best day of our lives and beyond.

=) =) =)