Kitara – year four

In photography by webmeister Bud

Happy fifth birthday, boo. Your time as a four-year-old has been faster and more incredible than ever.

20140603 - Kitara - year four

Because a) there’s no reason to halt a good thing and b) she’s getting funnier, here’s another highlight reel of quotes from Kitara during her time as a four-year-old . . .

Quoth Kitara: Well, my little bum has grown, so it can’t fit on the little potty any more, but it CAN fit on the big toilet! Happy birthday, myself!

Quoth Kitara: *dancing with a toy broom* I’m a witch! I’m a broom! I’m a dancing unicorn. And now, I’m a dolphin! I’m a dancing cat! I’m a waterfall!

Quoth Bud: Can you reach the (elevator floor button) 4?
Kitara: Yes, because I’m SO 4!

Quoth Kitara: Papa! I came into the room on my tippy toes with my hands in the air, waving them like I just don’t care!

Quoth Kitara: *closing the lid on a box* Abracadabra! Treasures . . . please go away! *opens box* . . . well, THAT didn’t work!

Quoth Kitara: You zerberted my arm!
Bud: Me?
Kitara: You! I felt germs on my arm. YOUR GERMS!

Quoth Kitara: *crying to Mama* Arya was pulling my hair! My . . . *shuddering deep breath* . . . precious golden hair!

Quoth Kitara: Yesterday, another time, a few weeks ago, I turned FOUR!

Quoth Kitara: *pretending to read a birthday card* I hope your joys are with laughter and funny butts. Happy birthday!

Quoth Kitara: (from the bathroom) Mama! I’ll need backup!

Quoth Kitara: *handing me a toy arrow with a suction cup end* Can you help me make you a unicorn? Please?

Quoth Kitara: Mama, when the rain comes, it’ll give the flowers love, protection, and . . . water!

Quoth Kitara: *pulling at Bud’s arm hair, singing* Haaaiiiry, haaaiiiry, Paaapaaa faaaiiiry . . .

Quoth Kitara: The sun is making me sleepy ’cause my foot is up in the air!

Quoth Kitara: *holding a twig* For my next trick, I’ll juggle not one, not two, but ONE STICK!

Quoth Bud: Good night, love.
Kitara: Papa?
Bud: Yes?
Kitara: Okay, so . . . I married you.

Quoth Hallowe’en CD: Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!
Kitara: *mouth full* Yeah! Ros-wuh-ersh!

Quoth Kitara: *stepping over the cats and a piece of food they were playing with* ‘scuse me, boys! Excuse me, kibble!

Quoth Kitara: I know! I will make you laugh! *grabs toe and begins gnawing on it*

Quoth Kitara: *playing with a Lego astronaut* So! This is Chris Hadfield, and this is his rocket ship, but he can’t blast off into space without *flourishes* fuh-lowers! *places flowers on rocket ship, then blasts it off* Zzzzzzzzzzzzizzle!

Quoth the radio: The Zone @ 91-3 . . .
Kitara: (to the radio) Say “modern rock!”

Quoth Kitara: *singing* You know Dasher and Dancer– That’s it. Those are our cats.

Quoth Bud: You’re not jumping on the cat, are you?
Kitara: No, I’m jumping FOR the cat.

Quoth Kitara: *majestically wielding her wooden sword* Master sword . . . powerful goodness . . . I CHOOMY FLATTEN! *whack* TWENTY-TWO HEART CHOP!

Quoth Kitara: . . . then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow you in the house!
Bud: Ah, no . . .

Quoth Kitara: *rubbing her eyes, dead tired* I don’t wanna go to sleep . . . I’m a nocturnal creature . . .

Quoth Nome: And what did you do on your bus adventure today?
Kitara: We went to Tyson’s work!
Nome: And where does Tyson work?
Kitara: In a big white room with big white floors.
Bud: And what did we do there?
Kitara: Danced, laughed, played. Too many things to do. Glide, flap, lots of spins. I had too much fun dancing and spinning and chasing and spinning!
Nome: And what does Tyson do at his work?
Kitara: Just . . . nothing. Oh, but he did hang up the pictures.

Quoth Kitara: (standing on the bed, watching her shadow, flapping her arms) Okay, all the girl geese in the crowd! Are you with me? HONK HONK HONK-HONK-HONK!

Quoth Kitara: Papa, would you trouble me for a banana, please?

Quoth Kitara: *stepping outside* Whoa! It’s cold enough in here to freeze a marshmallow!

Quoth Kitara: Mama, Papa accidentally put big person toothpaste on my toothbrush, but I’ll deal with it!

Quoth Bud: What do you serve here [at her pretend concession]?
Kitara: Hot dogs with mustard. Only mustard. In different flavours. Vanilla, cherry, and cherry!
Bud: I’ll take one! How much’ll that be?
Kitara: Twenty six dollars.

Quoth Kitara: Mama, how are pencils made?

Quoth Kitara: Mama, how is food made?

Quoth Kitara: I have a peek-a-cock! A peek-a-cock, a peeeeekacock!
Mama: Umm… Do you mean a cockatiel?
Kitara: Yes, that’s right. A cockatiel.

Quoth Kitara: Boy oh Bob, does my tummy hurt.

Quoth Kitara: (from the bathroom) Everyone! Don’t look at me! I’m so cute, but don’t look at me . . .

Quoth Kitara: Haha! Almost everything in White Spot says “White Spot!”

Quoth Kitara: *looking into my mouth with her doctor play kit* Nothing in your mouth. Not even a bunny.

Quoth Nome: What’s your raccoon name, Kitara?
Kitara: Kitara Fail Pants.

Quoth Kitara: Papa? This tea sort of tastes like the chemicals in Commonwealth Pool!

Quoth Kitara: Why are we getting dressed?
Bud: ’cause I thought I smelled propane.
Kitara: Does propane smell like a shirt fresh out of the dryer? *swings her shirt around*
Bud: No. It smells like rotten eggs.
Kitara: *authoritatively* Well, if you smell rotten eggs, it could be a gas leak, so you go outside and call 9-1-1.
Bud and Nome: *stare at each other*
Bud: And where did you learn that?
Kitara: The radio.

Look, Papa! Look at this long cat [in her cat book]. It weighs five inches long!

Quoth Kitara: Mama? Can we have some chocolate now?
Nome: I think so, yes.
Kitara: Papa, you can have more chicken. We’re going to have some chocolate.

Quoth Kitara: Papa? Kairi has the playoffs on her TV.
Bud: And what are playoffs?
Kitara: Playoffs are . . . when boys and girls go off and play games! That’s why they’re called playoffs.


Quoth Kitara: Look at the cats’ belly buttons. You can’t see them ’cause they’re . . . INFINITESIMAL!

Quoth Kitara: Y’know what, Papa? I . . . am a little pony. And my name is Isobel Trigger.

Quoth Kitara: Pick up a tricycle and rub it on your face . . . pick up a tricycle and rub it on your face . . . pick up a tricycle and rub it on your face . . .

Happy five, Kitara. You are our sunshine. Love, mama and papa.

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