Kitara – year one

In photography by webmeister Bud

Two years of Kitara. Way too fast. Way too wonderful.

20110531 - Kitara - year one

Kitaraspeak between her first and second birthdays . . .

Quoth Mama: Can you say ‘I love you, papa?’
Kitara: Lub.

Quoth talking computer: Who’s your best friend?
Kitara: Mama best friend!

Quoth Kitara: (who has just sneezed) Bess you!

Quoth Kitara: (taking my teacup, after she stole the last of Papa’s tea) Empty.
Papa: What’re you going to do with it?
Kitara: Put away!

Quoth Kitara: One, Tawa…one, Papa…one, Mama!

Quoth Kitara: (looking at a photo) Mama!
Papa: (pointing at himself) And who’s that beside Mama?
Kitara: Monkey!

Quoth Kitara: More water, peeze!
Papa: ‘May I have’…?
Kitara: May I have…more water, peeze?

Quoth Kitara: (looking out the bus window) Baby lions…in the grass!
Mama: What’re they hunting?
Kitara: Fowers!

Quoth Kitara: *hic* I…have hiccups!

Quoth hockey announcer. …some great work by Raffi Torres…
Kitara: Happy Torres!

Quoth Dave Sawchuk, on the radio: the Canucks know who they’re facing in the Stanley Cup Final. The Boston Bruins.

Quoth Kitara: (watching and iPhone commercial) . . . iPhone! (Don’t even get me started; NO ONE taught her that; we’re an Android household)

Quoth Kitara: (holding red balloon w/ “Happy Birthday” on it) Happy birthday! To you! (Oddly, no one taught her that, either)

Well, our little dumpling . . . Happy birthday! To you!

=) =) =)