Kitara – year seven

In photography by webmeister Bud

Kit Kat, what a year it’s been. And today, you’re frickin’ EIGHT.

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Grade 2, Brownies, piano, choir, friends, birthdays, animals, adventures . . . it’s been another amazing year for my little.

And another year of great Kitara quotes . . .

Quoth Kitara: (super over-the-top excited) Mama! There are OVER 700 Pokémon facts in this book! OVER 700 FACTS!!! *pause* (quietly) . . . poor writer.

Quoth Kitara: 🎼 I can ride my bike with no training wheels🎵 no training wheels, no training wheels! 🎶

Quoth Kitara: Okay, I’m gonna tell you a joke now. . . . see if I can get a laugh out of you . . .

Quoth Kitara: Imagine if nipples were called tipples!

Quoth Isla: Hey, look! We found a mushroom that looks like an eye!
Nome: Okay, but don’t pick it. Just look at it.
Kitara: Well, it’ll look at US!

Quoth Kitara: Now that I’m open to the wide world of earrings, may we get some please?

Quoth Bud: Oh, there’s that strange Oocoo bird (in Twilight Princess).
Kitara: With its weird bird body.
Bud: And its . . . human head.
Kitara: And its creepy boobs.
Bud: . . . . . . . . . what?
Kitara: Creepy boobs.

Quoth Kitara: Going poop helps you become a better dancer because it flexes your bum!

Quoth Kitara: Papa? I’ve already made a decision in the time you told me about tattoos. No! Thank you! I don’t like permanent . . .

Quoth Kitara: My goal is to catch all the Poké that are cute. I’ll let free all the other ones. It’s going to be a long, difficult journey for me to catch every single cute Poké.

Quoth Kitara: I’m going to have a blanket fight with myself . . . in private.
*goes into room and closes door*
*sounds of giggling and blanket rustling*
*door opens*
Well, THAT wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. I both won AND lost against myself.

Quoth Kitara: There are two things I want to be when I grow up: an archer . . . or a florist.

Quoth Kitara: (to Einstein) Bad kitty! *rethinks* Kitty who makes poor choices . . .

Quoth Kitara: (who absently whispered while standing beside me watching me edit wedding photos) 🎵 . . . I think I wanna marry you . . . 🎶

Quoth Kitara: I have NO the heck idea about one word you just said.

Quoth Kitara: *holds up tomato stem* My tiny tomato. *dramatically* The ruins of once a great tomato war!

Quoth Kitara: Do you know how football goes?
Bud: No. How?
Kitara: Go. Stop. Huddle. Slap. Go. Stop. Huddle. Slap . . . And every now and then there are these AWESOME COMMERCIALS!

Quoth Kitara: (singing) 🎵 Raise the roof ooh oh, raise the roof in Potions class, with Snape, ooh oh! 🎶

Quoth Kitara: Papa, put away your phone! It’s like you’re a teenager. Texting your boyfriends . . .

Quoth Mama: Okay, you. What’s the next thing off your list? Agenda or reading?
Kitara: Playing!
Nome: Nope, that wasn’t one of the choices.
Kitara: (to me) I’m not picking up what Mama’s putting down.

Quoth Kitara: (suddenly putting her hands a over her head in a heart) I heart broccoli!

Quoth Kitara: (hearing a Neil Young song on the radio) What kind of song is this? It sounds like a Muppet singing.

Quoth Kitara: Papa! Why aren’t you getting the coins? MONEY IS GREAT!

Quoth Bud: How’s your bath, kiddo?
Kitara: Waaarrrm. But, my back doesn’t like it, ’cause that’s where all your nerves connect and go to your brain.
Bud: *silently agape, realizing that she’s correct*

Quoth Kitara: (closing her book as dessert arrives) I’ll just put this on pause . . .

Quoth Kitara: Fun fact! At the beginning of the year, there are 145 days ’til my birthday!

Quoth Kitara: (holding up a pixy stick) WHOLE TUBE OF SUUUGARRR!

Quoth Nome: (pointing to Kitara’s dinner) Have more.
Kitara: (pointing to Nome’s dinner) No YOU have more! *gigglegigglegiggle*

Quoth Kitara: (during a snowball fight) Come at me.

Quoth Kitara: Good morning, Papa! My eyesight is still waking up.

Quoth Kitara: I’m Thor Girl. I throw my hammer like a boomerang. It always comes back to me, like Thor’s. But! All superheroes have a soft side. So . . . I have a finch.

Quoth Bud: Where did you get that cup and saucer.
Kitara: Spark camp!
Nome: I thought I put that up high so you wouldnt be able to get it.
Kitara: (smugly) It wasn’t up high enough!

Quoth Kitara: If you ever want tips on how to be cute, just ask me.

Quoth Kitara: (to Kairi and Arya) Girls, the boys are here, but the prince is already claimed. Mine.

Quoth Kitara: (speaking as Wonder Woman) Well, crime? I’m here to fight you . . . MORE.

Quoth Kitara: What’s going on here?
Bud: I’m explaining math to Auntie Megs.
Kitara: (to Megs) Get out. You should’ve learned that in elementary school!

Quoth Kitara: Make sure you don’t read a fortune while eating a fortune cookie while watching Fortune Killers ’cause they’ll kill the fortune!

Quoth Kitara: Papa! Papa! I just made up a joke. What’s a bacteria’s most un-favourite Auntie?
Bud: . . . um, what?

Quoth Kitara: (oh-so-calmly, after burning a blister into her finger on a hot light bulb) I regret that decision.

Quoth Kitara: A cushioned bottom is a happy bottom!

Quoth Kitara: Here’s how the elements go: Earth! Sand! Glass! Water! Blood! Animals! Wool! I’m a woolbender.

Quoth Bud: It’s always a good feeling to be driving against rush hour traffic. Lookit all those cars. Kitara: *waves* BYE BYE! Bye. Bye! Bye, bye, bye . . . byeee!

Quoth Kitara: I’m just teaching my fairy how to speak. Fairies are easy to train. You can use voice commands!

Quoth Bud: Welp, that was a terrible parking job, but this space is gigantic, so we’re okay.
Kitara: Yeah. We kinda rockstar parked.

Quoth Kitara: 🎵 Bun, bun, bunny bun bun! Bunny on the uku-LAY-LAY! 🎶

Quoth Isla: Pretend you’re drunk!
Bud: What’s drunk?
Kitara: Papa! You know . . . *whispers* what grownups aren’t supposed to do!

Quoth Bud: Blue’s your favourite colour, right?
Kitara: Yeah! The primary colours are my favourites.

Quoth Kitara: Are you writing that down? You write everything down. You write too much down.

=) =) =)