Kitara – year six

In photography by webmeister Bud

Okay, this year went way too fast. I am full of not-believing that this little girl is SEVEN today.

20160601 - Kitara - year six

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Grade 1, new friends, and new interests have introduced scores of interesting ideas into Kitara’s mind. And oftentimes, she says what’s on that little mind of hers. Then, I whip out my phone and jot them down for posterity.

Here’s another collection of highlight quotes from Kitara during the past year . . .

Quoth Kitara: BUMMM? They said bum on the radio. Bum. ? Bum , bum, bum! ?

Quoth Kitara: Ugh! It’s soaking hot in here!

Quoth Kitara: *lays out some cardboard* This is my yoga mat. I’m doing the backwards bear pose. *lies on her back and grabs her feet*

Quoth Bud: You know my friend, Tyson?
Kitara: Yeah. To me, he’s also half-goofball . . .

Quoth Kairi: Kitara, do you want to be a superhero? I wanna be able to fly and have super vision!
Kitara: Yeah! I wanna be a superhero, too! My superpowers will be sharing and caring!

Quoth Nome: *spills some iced tea* Damn it!
Kitara: (from the other room) Damn it what?

Quoth Kitara: I love California. I love California ’cause that’s where goats go surfing!

Quoth Megs: Kitara! We heard you on the radio!
Kitara: *casually waving Megs off* Oh yeah, I do commercials.

Quoth Kitara: Sometimes when I’m scared, I drool!

Quoth Kitara: (looking at my Rifflandia photos) I’m sorry there were coloured lights there, Papa. *puts her head on my shoulder* (a true concert photographer’s kid, who gets that the performers should be lit with WHITE LIGHT)

Quoth Kitara: Papa? Next time you give away the Summer Civic, you should fill it with tiny hairless cats.

Quoth Kitara: (after Nome got a sliver out of Kairi’s toe) Mama’s the sliver whisperer. Because she whisps it away!

Quoth Kitara: Do you want to hear the new song I learned today? ? “Turkey in the barnyard, don’t you run away. Please come for dinner on Thanksgiving day!” ? . . . so they can CHOP HIS HEAD OFF!

Quoth Kitara: Take off your socks. AND ROLL UP YOUR PANT SLEEVES!

Quoth Bud: You were born on a Monday. That makes you “fair of face.”
Kitara: (quietly, to herself) Yesss!

Quoth Kitara: (in a small, crackly voice) Do you know what would be the best Christmas present? If, on Christmas, morning you opened up a small empty box and it was filled with magic you could sprinkle on everyone so they’d care for the earth!

Quoth Kitara: ? This year, to save me from tears— ? *stops short and grins at me guiltily as I stare at her, mouth agape*

Quoth Kitara: Whoa. Your back is scratched up something fierce, Papa. Just so you know . . .

Quoth Kitara: (after she completes a video game combo attack) I did it! I can do a total whackdown now!

Quoth Kitara: *emerging her room completely naked, proudly holding her wooden sword and shield* I’m Sir Nakedness!

Quoth Kitara: Papa . . . Pop Stino from your work says “Hi.” He was at the Royals game. Guess how many scores we got? *holds up fingers* Four . . . plus four. But, we still felt bad for the other team ’cause they didn’t get any scores. Guess what? I got to go on the ice with Kairi and Isla and another Spark! We got to give drinks to the three stars! AND . . . I got to give Marty TWO high fives!

Quoth Kitara: See that pool noodle? I did the caber with it. From the Highland Games!

Kitara: My friend has eleven cavities. Womp womp wommmp.

Quoth Kitara: It’s extra special when somebody else makes your tea because there’s love in it!

Quoth Kitara: Is it February today?
Bud: Yes, it’s February first!
Kitara: Oh! So tomorrow’s Gopher Day!
Bud: Groundhog Day, hun.
Kitara: Groundhog Day.

Quoth Kitara: I’ll do anything! I’ll wash the dishes, I’ll wash the clothes, I’ll do ANYTHING if you’ll give me a STICKER!

Quoth Kairi: My Papa sleeps naked!
Kitara: My Papa sleeps naked, too. He wears underwear on his little bum.

Quoth Kitara: Um, Papa? How busy is my Monday?
Bud: Looks clear to me.
Kitara: Okay. ’cause . . . I have some Ninja go training to do. Aaannnd, Cole is taking me out for dinner Tuesday, so . . . This event has notifications.

Quoth Kitara: (as Bud runs some water) Papa, don’t let the water run. Do you want me to turn into a drip and tell you all about it?

Quoth Bud: You got Lucky Charms??!?
Kitara: Yeah! *quietly* And I’m YOUR little Lucky Charm!

Quoth Kitara: Before I play piano, I need to go pee.
Bud: Peeeeeeeee-ano?
Kitara: I got what you said, but it’s still not funny.

Quoth Kitara: (to herself) ? I can split the atom of a molecule, of a molecule, a molecule . . . ?

Quoth Kitara: I guess I’ll never be able to pull up that weed.
Bud: Well, never say never.
Kitara: Uh huh. You just said “never” two times.

Quoth Kitara: Papa? My bad dream was such a long bad dream that it had commercials in it. And YOU were in one of the commercials!

Quoth Kitara: *whispering in my ear* Do you want to hear a story? Once upon a time, there was a cat who chewed a stick. The end. Almost. I love you. The end.

Love you too, little pixel. Happy seventh birthday.

=) =) =)

p.s. – the upper-right photo from Kitara – year five was the day of her first haircut. It’s still the only haircut she’s had in her life.