Kitara – year two

In photography by webmeister Bud

Happy third birthday, our li’l dumpling. Your time as a two-year-old has been nothing short of amazing.

20120605 - Kitara - year two

As her speech, imagination, and humour continue to develop, it’s only fitting to relive another year of amazing Kitara quotes between her second and third birthdays . . .

Quoth Kitara: (in sing-song voice directed at our cat) Bayee! Come here! I want to play with youuu!

Quoth Kitara: (watching hummingbird cam) Long beak and tail and bu– and BUM! Hummingbirds have BUM!

Quoth Kitara: (to Nome) I want to listen to your heart beep! *sticks finger in Nome’s ear*

Quoth Kitara: Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit…I ate a frog!

Quoth Bud: It’s sunscreen time!
Kitara: It’s hiding time! *runs away*

Quoth Kitara: (swiping Naomi’s bank card through her hair) On Debit! Thaaank you!

Quoth Kitara: (picks up Bud’s USB stick) Hello? My name is Kitara…

Quoth Kitara: Step away from my belly button!

Quoth Kitara: *running towards Papa, eyes wide, hand outstretched* FORCE PUSH!

Quoth Kitara: *talking on her toy phone* I’m talking to Mama! Hi Mama! When I’m older, I will teach you. Then, I will be two months old. When I’m two months old, then I will be…tall.

Quoth Kitara: I’m getting into trooouuuble!

Quoth Kitara: The moon is shining! And the stars went to bed…to see the Mama star! They ate their dinner…and the Mama stars read a book to the baby stars before they go to bed! And those stars *pointing to the few remaining twinkles* are cleaning up the darkness!

Quoth Kitara: I ate a bubble… OM NOM!

Quoth Bud: *to Kitara* Okay, go give Mama a kiss and say goodnight.
Kitara: *running into the living room* I UNDERSTAND MY MIND NOW!

Quoth Kitara: *quietly, in her crib, while she should be sleeping* Raymaaan!

Quoth Kitara: I’m starting the internet with bacon. I’m just looking for bacon with the internet. Can we please have ice cream and bacon for dinner?

Quoth Kitara: I rolled up my shirt and pop! Out comes up my belly!

Quoth Kitara: *pointing at her ankle* Look, Papa!
Bud: That’s your ankle.
Kitara: I use it as a computer!

Quoth Kitara: Oh my GRACIOUS, Mama! Look!

Quoth Kitara: I spy something that is . . . *points at Bud* . . .Papa!

Quoth Nome: (to Kitara) Did it hurt when Papa took your slivers out?
Kitara: Mmm… Not as such, but it *was* a bit scary.

Quoth Bud: *blows his nose*
Kitara: (thoughtfully, to herself, from the other room) Papa…sounds like an elephant!

Quoth Kitara: I awesome!

Yes, Kitara . . . yes, you are. Happy three, sunshine. Love, mama and papa.

=) =) =)