Kitaraparty aftermath

In photography by webmeister Bud

One minute, you’re partyin’. The next . . . zzzzzzznkt . . .

20120117 - Kitaraparty aftermathCanon EOS 450D (XSi) · Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5
10 mm · 1/30 s · f/3.5 · ISO 100

Yup, one more from the archives. This was from the past summer.

We’d had a fantastical outdoor party for Kitara’s second birfday. There was sun, music, water, water fights, BBQ’d food, chips/veggies and dip, ice cream cones with cake baked inside, a book exchange . . . oh, it was wonderful.

Kitara was in her bathing suit most of the day, splashing in the pool and/or jumping through the sprinkler when she wasn’t bouncing on me in the bouncy castle (yeah, THERE WAS A BOUNCY CASTLE) and, when the party was over and everybody was heading home, I brought her in and changed her back into regular clothes.

“Go out and play,” I told her.

I came out to find her lying on the kitchen floor, feet up on the door, giggling in a very proud-of-herself look-at-how-cute-I-am-Papa way.

Her bathing suit went into the washing machine, I went out to grab some trays and, when I came back . . . she was gone. Just like this.

Okay . . . I planted the Freezie. But, otherwise, this is just how I found her.

Tired is funny on toddlers.