Papa’s Day tie

In photography by webmeister Bud

20160629 - Papa's Father's Day tie (Millennium Falcon!)Canon EOS 5D Mark II · Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 EX DC HSM · 35 mm · 1/50 s · f/4.5 · ISO 400
Strobist: Canon 430EX II x2, 1/16 power, remote triggered, facing the wall behind me

The classic lamentation of stereotypical men everywhere (starting in, I think, the ’50s) was that they always received ties for Father’s Day.

Well, because the world is so full of amazing ties, I 100% LOVE ties, and have received a tie in one form or another “from” Kitara every Papa’s Day since her birth.

This might just be the topper. A tie with detailed plans of the Millennium Falcon. Geek and proud.