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20140805 - PUPPIES!-0001All photos this post:
Canon EOS 70D · Tamron 60mm f/2.0 macro
60 mm · 1/125 s · f/2 · ISO 1600

Yup, there was this one day when a gent named Luca walked into the stations WITH A BAG FULL OF PUPPIES.

20140805 - PUPPIES!-0002

Three of the little things, cozied up in a gym bag, ready for some human/puppy socialization.

20140805 - PUPPIES!-0003

Tindy did her very best not to cry from happiness and excitement.

20140805 - PUPPIES!-0004

As is always the case when miniature things come in to the station, productivity dives to about 0% as all the staff flock to the front to ooh and ahh.

20140805 - PUPPIES!-0005

Allie was the puppymastah, as lady and tramps seemed magnetically attracted to each other. Allie’s ear-tugging hand above, Allie’s puppy-sheltering shoes below.

20140805 - PUPPIES!-0006

Ugh. The cute. It tickles.