Super Shot

In photography by webmeister Bud

YEEEAAAAAAAAA— Oh, wait. It’s over?

20100914 - Super Shot
Canon EOS 450D (XSi) · Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5
10 mm · 1/20 s · f/22 · ISO 100

The big draw at this year’s Saanich Fair was touted to be this beast: the Super Shot.

Prepromotion of its awesomeness consisted of people describing how you’d be slingshot upwards, leaving your breakfast on the ground, much like Playland’s Hellevator or other similar pneumatically-powered tower rides.

However, that turned out to be a bit of misinformation.

Instead of building up the suspense at the base of the tower, anticipating the moment you’d be shot upwards, the ride turned out to be far simpler.

Known as a drop ride, passengers on the gondola are simply lifted to the top by a cable-driven lifting carriage at a relatively slow pace.

The anticipation comes from screens above the passengers, disabling their ability to know when they’ve reached the top.

The moment the gondola peaks at about 100′, carriage lets go, and gravity does all the work, with the ride slowing to a stop near the ground a few seconds after release.

Despite its simplicity, it was the main source of screams from the midway.