TETRAN love joo

In photography by webmeister Bud

Greetings and much unstoppable cuteness from TETRAN.

20060307 - TETRAN love joo

These adorabubble little things are called TETRAN. Their diet primarily consists of earbuds and, while their tummies aren’t big enough to eat any more than just the buds, they’re handily equipped with 23 “slip-stop” spikes around which to twirl the remaining length of cord.

TETRAN, faithful website visitor. Faithful website visitor, TETRAN.

I’m not sure how you address them in the plural. One sheep, two sheep; one TETRAN, two TETRAN? I’m also not sure why you’d have to SHOUT a name so CUTE, but hey, if they put it in ALL CAPS, I’ll put it in ALL CAPS.

What I am sure of is how glad I am to finally have ’em in my hands. It’s been . . . a bit of a quest

November 2005  · Apple accessory product designer Tunewear announces their latest creation, TETRAN. Much cuteness ensues.

November 21, 2005  · Following the “Where to Buy” link, I contact Apple product wholesaler Dr. Bott, shown to be Tunewear’s sole Canadian distributor, to find the closest retailer from which to adopt a TETRAN.

November 25, 2005  · After a followup phonecall, I learn that Dr. Bott is actually an American company, and I am directed to another distributor, EMJ, in Ontario.

November 28, 2005  · EMJ Ontario, while acknowledging they distribute Tunewear products, are unable to tell me anything about Victoria retailers, and direct me to EMJ Vancouver.

EMJ Vancouver, for some reason, are also without any information on Victoria retailers, and I am directed me to EMJ’s parent company, which may or may not have been the same place as EMJ Ontario. Different name, different number, same people, same results.

November 30, 2005  · I give up on the usually faster phone route and head back online, eventually finding a media release mentioning MCE Technologies as a Canadian distributor for Tunewear products.

On MCE’s website is a list of resellers, and I contact two in Vancouver, Simply Computing and Acculogic Technologies, explaining my quandary and requesting their help.

December 2005  · Life happens. Busyness happens. Christmas happens

January 31, 2006  · Having heard nothing, I re-send my e-mails to Simply Computing and Acculogic Technologies.

One “Jim” from Simply Computing replies, letting me know that while they are an MCE reseller, they do not carry any Tunewear products.

He recommends me to SOHO Computers and Westworld Computers, both located in — lo and behold — Victoria.

I leave phone messages with both of them.

February 1, 2006  · One “Rebecca” from Westworld Computers phones me back, apparently curious about this oddball little plastic cord winder thingy I’m inquiring about, and offers to look in to it.

Shortly thereafter, Rebecca calls again to let me know that Westworld does business with EMJ, and that she has sent a request to their head office to see if they can special order some TETRAN in.

She also notes that my inquiry offers some insight into my taste in accessories. “We saw this thing and we were thinking of a couple of other uses for it . . . ” =)

February 7, 2006  · Rebecca phones me back, giving me the news that she has ordered two of each colour of TETRAN!

March 1, 2006  · TETRAN touch down in Victoria.

Of the nearly month-long shipping process, Rebecca noted, “It was great watching their progress: The TETRAN are in America! The TETRAN have made it across the border! The TETRAN are stuck in Ontario! . . . ”

So, my most sincere thanks to Rebecca at Westworld Computers for humouring a little guy on a big quest.

There are now only six TETRAN remaining in this entire city. Go. Run. Adopt. Be overwhelmed with cuteness.