Trip A: LEET

In photography by webmeister Bud

OMG!!!!1!!  ph33r teh l33+ 7rip0m3t3r!! It i$ +O+4lly teh roxX0rZ!!!1!!  It pwnZ!!!!1!!ONE!!

20051011 - Trip A LEET

Translation: Oh, my God.  Fear the leet tripometer.  It totally rocks.  It owns.

Further translation: Wow, nice tripometer.

If you still don’t get it, the tripometer stopped at 133.7, where 1337 is the common translation “leet” when speaking leet-speak, or 1337-$p34|< . . . “leet” being a translation of the word “elite.”

To explain further would take up a disproportionate amount of space, so I’ll stop here. =)

As my parting thought, though, I simply must point out a fascinating gap I’ve noticed in the knowledge of 1337-$p34|<, at least within the circle of people I know.

Naturally, the predominant source of this phenomenon, the under-13 crowd, are fluent in 1337-$p34|<, as it’s their passion. Then, there’s the 25-35 crowd, fluent for their own amusement of its ridiculousness.

However, I’ve found there to be this interesting gap of people between 16-25 who seem to be oblivious of 1337-$p34|<. Perhaps they’re too old to consider it cool, and too young to see it as a parody of itself. Fascinating nonetheless. And by “fascinating,” I mean not fascinating at all to anyone who isn’t me.