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If you’re looking for The Voice™ of the deepest earth-shattering resonance to shake the very pillars of heaven . . . keep looking. =)

The voice of happydesigns can provide professional voiceover services and voice acting for radio, television, animation, documentaries, instructional/educational, on-hold/IVR, corporate/industrial, gaming, audiobooks and . . . well, whatever might need a voice!

Youthful, dynamic and clear, our voice (let’s call him Bud) cuts through with a versatile range, casual delivery & unmatched energy. Specialties include sugar-enhanced speed reads and cartoony screams of pain.

While most of his work has been radio and television commercial voiceovers airing in Canada from east (St. John’s NL) to west (Victoria BC), Bud is up for pretty much anything, and dreams of one day waking up as a cartoon character.

Please get in touch for a free demo read on your script!